Disease Dynamics 2013

The search for an effective HIV vaccine, recent debates surrounding the HPV vaccine and the rush to develop and distribute a vaccine during the 2009 influenza pandemic are reminders of the important role immunization plays in our fight against infectious diseases. This workshop will provide a forum for presentation of leading-edge research in applied mathematics focused on infectious disease dynamics, with emphasis on vaccine development and use to halt or mitigate the impact of diseases, in particular HIV/HPV/influenza. By facilitating interactions between scientists from a variety of disciplines (epidemiology/ immunology/mathematics), we aim to bring a broad perspective to the role of immunization at population and host levels.

Associated Mathtube Content

Title Speaker Date Type
A cross-scale approach to determining... Rustum Antia 09am, Jan 18 Lecture Video
Modeling mass vaccination and other... Dennis Chao 09am, Jan 18 Lecture Video
Stochastic modeling insights into early HIV... Jessica Conway 02pm, Jan 18 Lecture Video
Using epidemiological data to understand... Miles Davenport 10am, Jan 19 Lecture Video
The effect of vaccination on influenza’s... Katia Koelle 11am, Jan 17 Lecture Video
Optimizing Influenza Vaccine Allocation Jan Medlock 10am, Jan 17 Lecture Video
Combatting Neglected Disease Leishmaniasis... Anuj Mubayi 09am, Jan 19 Lecture Video
Mathematical Modeling: The View from Public... David Patrick 09am, Jan 17 Lecture Video
Multiscale Modeling of Hepatitis C Virus... Alan Perelson 01pm, Jan 17 Lecture Video
CD8+ T cell-mediated killing of infected... Libin Rong 01pm, Jan 18 Lecture Video
Rapid Localized Spread and Immunologic... Joshua Schiffer 04pm, Jan 17 Lecture Video
Public Health Decision-Making in Global HIV/... David Wilson 03pm, Jan 18 Lecture Video
Disease Dynamics 2013 (Photos) 06pm, Jan 17 Photo Gallery