Lecture Notes Content by Conference

Title Speaker Type
Exponential Sums Over Multiplicative Groups... Sergei Konyagin April 1, 11am Lecture Notes
Modeling the Dynamics of Infectious Diseases Bryan Grenfell September 1, 16pm Lecture Notes
Self-Interacting Walk and Functional... David Brydges September 14, 10am Lecture Notes
On the Chromatic Number of Graphs and Set... András Hajnal September 1, 11am Lecture Notes
Projective Modules in Classical and Quantum... A. Ya. Helemskii August 11, 11am Lecture Notes
On Hilbert's Tenth Problem Yuri Matiyasevich February 1, 13pm Lecture Notes
Entropy and Orbit Equivalence Daniel J. Rudolph October 1, 13pm Lecture Notes
Algebraic Z^d-actions Klaus Schmidt November 1, 13pm Lecture Notes
Torsion invariants of 3-manifolds Vladimir Turayev January 20, 14pm Lecture Notes
Lectures on Integer Partitions Herbert S. Wilf June 1, 14pm Lecture Notes
Phase Transitions for Interacting Diffusions Frank den Hollander January 18, 15pm Lecture Notes
Random Walk in Random Scenery Frank den Hollander February 3, 15pm Lecture Notes
Mathematics of Seismic Imaging William W. Symes July 1, 16pm Lecture Notes
"Mathematical Social Sciences;" An... Donald G. Saari September 1, 13pm Lecture Notes