Title Speaker Date
The Higher Order Generalized Singular Value Decomposition Charles Van Loan 2013-08-08 (All day)
Communication-­ Avoiding Algorithms for Linear Algebra and Beyond James Demmel 2013-08-08 (All day)
Eigenvalue avoided crossings Nick Trefethen 2013-08-08 00
On solving indefinite least squares problems via anti-triangular factorizations Paul Van Dooren 2013-08-08 (All day)
Solving linear systems by orthogonal tridiagonalization (GMINRES and/or GLSQR) Michael Saunders 2013-08-08 (All day)
Search Games and Optimal Kakeya Sets Yuval Peres 2013-09-06 (All day)
Taking Advantage of Degeneracy in Cone Optimization: with Applications to Sensor Network Localization Henry Wolkowicz 2013-08-08 13
Splitting of Abelian varieties V. Kumar Murty 2013-06-19 09
The state-of-the-art in hyperelliptic curve cryptography Craig Costello 2013-06-19 10
Explicit isogenies and endomorphisms of low-genus Jacobians: theory and applications Benjamin Smith 2013-06-19 10
WCATSS Problem Set 1 WCATSS 2014-07-09 (All day)
WCATSS Problem Set 2 WCATSS 2014-07-09 (All day)
WCATSS Problem Set 3 WCATSS 2014-07-09 (All day)
WCATSS Problem Set 4 WCATSS 2014-07-10 (All day)
WCATSS Problem Set 5 WCATSS 2014-07-11 (All day)
Verlinde Algebra Lee Cohn 2014-07-11 (All day)
Duality Notes
Dominic Culver
Mitchell Faulk
2014-07-07 (All day)
Financial System Architecture Darrell Duffie 2014-07-16 (All day)
Over the Counter Markets Darrell Duffie 2014-07-17 (All day)
Khovanov homology
Robin Koytcheff
Janis Lazovskis
2014-07-10 (All day)
Intermediary Leverage Cycles and Financial Stability Tobias Adrian 2014-07-30 (All day)
From Euler to Born and Infeld, Fluids and Electromagnetism Yann Brenier 2015-06-10 (All day)
Decision problems, curvature and topology Martin Birdson 2015-07-07 (All day)
Introduction to the Farrell-Jones Conjecture Wolfgang Lück 2015-07-07 (All day)
Universal torsion, L^2-invariants, polytopes and the Thurston norm Wolfgang Lück 2015-07-02 (All day)
Disconnecting the G_2 Moduli Space Johannes Nordstrom 2015-07-07 (All day)
My Life in "industry" Richard Liang 2015-10-23 (All day)
Finding Your Place at a liberal arts college Kathryn Nyman 2015-10-23 (All day)
Landing a Faculty Position Phillip Loewen 2015-10-23 (All day)
Local-global principles for quadratic forms Raman Parimala 2015-10-30 (All day)
Optimal Strategic Sizing of Energy Storage Facilities in Restructured Electricity Markets Hamidreza Zareipour 2016-04-06 (All day)
Landing an Industry Position Andrew King 2016-10-18 (All day)
Living the Good Life at a Liberal Arts College Gizem Karaali 2016-10-18 (All day)
Landing a Faculty Position Phillip Loewen 2016-10-18 (All day)
Frozen Boundaries and Log Fronts Andrei Okounkov 2006-10-16 10
A Functional Integral Representation for Many Boson Systems Joel Feldman 2007-10-05 16
New geometric and functional analytic ideas arising from problems in symplectic geometry Helmut Hofer 2006-10-23 16
Small Number Counts to 100
Veselin Jungic
Mark Maclean
Rena Sinclair
2009-11-22 14
Small Number Counts to 100 (Blackfoot)
Veselin Jungic
Mark Maclean
Rena Sinclair
2009-11-22 14
What I am Doing in Australia Jonathan Borwein 2011-05-17 17
Cloaking and Transformation Optics Gunther Uhlmann 2009-07-06 16
Conformal Invariance and Universality in the 2D Ising Model Stalislav Smirnov 2009-07-06 10
Lagrangian Floer Homology and Mirror Symmetry Kenji Fukaya 2009-07-07 12
Linearity in the Tropics Federico Ardila 2009-07-07 13
Categorical Crepant Resolutions of Higher Dimensional Simple Singularities Yujiro Kawamata 2009-07-07 14
Discrete Stochastic Simulation of Spatially Inhomogeneous Biochemical Systems Linda Petzold 2009-07-07 15
Warming Caused by Cumulative Carbon Emissions: the Trillionth Tonne Myles Allen 2007-08-08 16
Geometry and analysis of low dimensional manifolds Gang Tian 2009-08-07 17
On Fourth Order PDEs Modelling Electrostatic Micro-Electronical Systems Nassif Ghoussoub 2009-07-08 17
Law of Large Number and Central Limit Theorem under Uncertainty, the related New Itô's Calculus and Applications to Risk Measures Shige Peng 2009-07-09 09