Title Speaker Date
Models for the Spread of Cholera Pauline van den Driessche 2018-01-18 (All day)
Philosophy of Mathematics as a Design Science Jeremy Avigad 2018-03-15 (All day)
The Mathematics of Social Evolution
Troy Day
Dave McLeod
2018-03-22 (All day)
Repulsive-attractive models in collective behavior and applications José A. Carrillo 2018-04-06 (All day)
Sato-Tale groups and automorphy for nongeneric genus 2 curves Andrew Booker 2018-05-10 (All day)
Quantifying Gerrymandering: A mathematician goes to court Jonathan Christopher Mattingly 2018-05-28 (All day)
BCData 2018 Career Panel
Bernard Chan
Soyean Kim
Michael Reid
Parin Shah
Aanchan Mohan
2018-06-06 (All day)
Class Numbers of Certain Quadratic Fields Kalyan Chakraborty 2018-07-05 (All day)
Using mathematics to fight cancer Ami Radunskaya 2018-08-13 (All day)
Birational geometry and algebraic cycles Burt Totaro 2018-09-14 (All day)
Integers in many-body quantum physics Sven Bachmann 2018-09-28 (All day)
Symmetry, bifurcation, and multi-agent decision-making Naomi Leonard 2018-10-01 (All day)
The Topology of Azumaya Algebras Ben Williams 2018-10-12 (All day)
The KPZ fixed point Jeremy Quastel 2018-10-19 (All day)
Inversions for reduced words Sami Assaf 2018-11-09 (All day)
Optimizing Biogas Generation Using Anaerobic Digestion Gail Wolkowicz 2018-11-27 (All day)
Multiplicative Complexity of Cryptographic Functions Joan Boyer 2018-10-18 (All day)
Statistical and Data Science Nancy Reid 2019-01-17 (All day)
Paradoxes of the Infinite: Classic Themes and Recent Results Paolo Mancosu 2018-12-05 (All day)
Regularity of interfaces in phase transitions via obstacle problems Alessio Figalli 2019-02-08 (All day)
The nonlinear eigenvalue problem: recent developments Françoise Tisseur 2019-02-14 (All day)
An Introduction to Randomized Algorithms for Matrix Computations Ilse C.F. Ipsen 2019-03-14 (All day)