Title Speaker Date
On solving indefinite least squares problems via anti-triangular factorizations Paul Van Dooren 2013-08-08 (All day)
Complex Fluids and Flows in Industry and Nature II- Photo Gallery 2013-07-24 16
Solving linear systems by orthogonal tridiagonalization (GMINRES and/or GLSQR) Michael Saunders 2013-08-08 (All day)
Search Games and Optimal Kakeya Sets Yuval Peres 2013-09-06 (All day)
Taking Advantage of Degeneracy in Cone Optimization: with Applications to Sensor Network Localization Henry Wolkowicz 2013-08-08 13
Mathematics and the Planet Earth: a Long Life Together I Ivar Ekeland 2013-07-15 (All day)
Mathematics and the Planet Earth: a Long Life Together II Ivar Ekeland 2013-07-17 (All day)
Search games and Optimal Kakeya Sets Yuval Peres 2013-09-06 (All day)
2nd Prima Congress 2013-06-23 (All day)
Splitting of Abelian varieties V. Kumar Murty 2013-06-19 09
The state-of-the-art in hyperelliptic curve cryptography Craig Costello 2013-06-19 10
Explicit isogenies and endomorphisms of low-genus Jacobians: theory and applications Benjamin Smith 2013-06-19 10
Sparse Linear Models Trevor Hastie 2013-09-17 (All day)
Test HTML5 Ian Allison 2014-01-31 (All day)
Sparse - Dense Phenomena Jaroslav Nesetril 2014-02-28 (All day)
Finite Simple Groups and Applications Robert Guralnick 2014-03-14 (All day)
The Emerging Roles and Computational Challenges of Stochasticity in Biological Systems Linda Petzold 2014-03-28 (All day)
Oceans and Multiplicative Ergodic Theorems Anthony Quas 2014-03-25 (All day)
The Lasso: A Brief Review and a New Significance Test Rob Tibshirani 2014-04-10 (All day)
General Relativity, Differential Geometry and Differential Equations; Stories From a Successful Menage-a-trois Niky Kamran 2014-04-07 (All day)
From the Adinkras of Supersymmetry to the Music of Arnold Schoenberg Jim Gates 2014-05-29 (All day)
Symmetry, Methods, Applications and Related Fields 2014-05-13 11
Algebraic Topology- Methods, Computation and Science 6 2014-05-26 12
GAP 2014: Geometry and Physics 2014-05-29 12
String Math Summer School 2014-06-02 12
PIMS Undergraduate Workshop on Supersymmetry 2014-05-25 12
2014 Summer School in Probability 2014-06-02 13
Mathematics at the Frontier of Developmental Biology Workshop 2014-07-02 09
WCATSS Problem Set 1 WCATSS 2014-07-09 (All day)
WCATSS Problem Set 2 WCATSS 2014-07-09 (All day)
WCATSS Problem Set 3 WCATSS 2014-07-09 (All day)
WCATSS Problem Set 4 WCATSS 2014-07-10 (All day)
WCATSS Problem Set 5 WCATSS 2014-07-11 (All day)
Verlinde Algebra Lee Cohn 2014-07-11 (All day)
Duality Notes
Dominic Culver
Mitchell Faulk
2014-07-07 (All day)
PIMS-SFU Undergraduate Summer School on Multiple Zeta Values 2014-07-07 10
2014 West Coast Algebraic Topology Summer School 2014-07-07 10
Financial System Architecture Darrell Duffie 2014-07-16 (All day)
Over the Counter Markets Darrell Duffie 2014-07-17 (All day)
Diffusion Models for Systemic Risk 1 Jean-Pierre Fouque 2014-07-21 (All day)
Contingent Capital and Financial Networks 1 Paul Glasserman 2014-07-21 (All day)
Financial Stability 1 Jean-Charles Rochet 2014-07-21 (All day)
Khovanov homology
Robin Koytcheff
Janis Lazovskis
2014-07-10 (All day)
Diffusion Models for Systemic Risk 2 Jean-Pierre Fouque 2014-07-22 (All day)
Diffusion Models for Systemic Risk 3 Jean-Pierre Fouque 2014-07-22 (All day)
Contingent Capital and FInancial Networks 2 Paul Glasserman 2014-07-22 (All day)
Financial Stability 2 Jean-Charles Rochet 2014-07-22 (All day)
Risk Sharing in Over-the-Counter Markets 1 Darrel Duffie 2014-07-23 (All day)
PIMS Summer School on The Economics and Mathematics of Systemic Risk and the Financial Networks 2014-07-20 10
Intermediary Leverage Cycles and Financial Stability Tobias Adrian 2014-07-30 (All day)