Moments of L-functions Workshop

Title Date Speaker
Moments of the Hurwitz zeta function (Video) Jul 29, 2022 Anurag Sahay
An extension of Venkatesh's converse... Jul 29, 2022 Min Lee
Averages of long Dirichlet polynomials with... Jul 29, 2022 Alessandro Fazzari
Local statistics for zeros of Artin--... Jul 29, 2022 Alexei Entin
Moments of $L$-functions in the world of... Jul 29, 2022 Brandon Alberts
The eighth moment of the Riemann zeta... Jul 29, 2022 Quanli Shen
Geodesic restrictions of Maass forms and... Jul 28, 2022 Peter Humphries
Twisted first moment of $GL(3)\times GL(2... Jul 28, 2022 Jakob Streipel
Moments and periods for $GL(3)$ (Video) Jul 28, 2022 Chung-Hang Kwan
Double square moments and bounds for... Jul 28, 2022 Praneel Samanta
$L^p$-norm bounds for automorphic forms (... Jul 28, 2022 Rizwanur Khan
Moments of large families of Dirichlet $L$-... Jul 27, 2022 Vorrapan Chandee
Discrete Moments (Video) Jul 27, 2022 Fatma Cicek
Limitations to equidistribution in... Jul 27, 2022 Aditi Savalia
Quantum variance for automorphic forms (... Jul 27, 2022 Bingrong Huang,
Logging of the zeta-function, but only for a... Jul 26, 2022 Tim Trudgian
The third moment of quadratic $L$-Functions... Jul 26, 2022 Ian Whitehead
Asymptotic mean square of product of higher... Jul 26, 2022 Mithun Das
Lambert series of logarithm and a mean value... Jul 26, 2022 Atul Dixit
Negative moments of the Riemann zeta... Jul 25, 2022 Alexandra Florea
The recipe for moments of $L$-functions (... Jul 25, 2022 Siegfried Baluyot
The generalised Shanks's conjecture (... Jul 25, 2022 to Jul 26, 2022 Andrew Pearce-Crump
One-level density of zeros of Dirichlet L-... Jul 25, 2022 Hua Lin
Distributions of sums of the divisor... Jul 25, 2022 Matilde Lalín
Selberg's central limit theorem for... Jul 25, 2022 Allysa Lumley