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PDE from a probability point of view
Estimating Disaggregate Production Functions: An Application to Northern Mexico
Vertical Control of Inventory and Pricing Decisions
Exponential Sums Over Multiplicative Groups in Fields of Prime Order and Related Combinatorial Problems
Actions of Z^k associated to higher rank graphs
Convex Optimization
Modeling the Dynamics of Infectious Diseases
The Richness of Thin Films
Self-Interacting Walk and Functional Integration
On the Chromatic Number of Graphs and Set Systems
Projective Modules in Classical and Quantum Functional Analysis
On Hilbert's Tenth Problem
Entropy and Orbit Equivalence
Algebraic Z^d-actions
Torsion invariants of 3-manifolds
Lectures on Integer Partitions
Phase Transitions for Interacting Diffusions
Random Walk in Random Scenery
Mathematics of Seismic Imaging
Aperiodicity: Lessons from Various Generalizations
String Theory Compactification with/without Torsion
"Mathematical Social Sciences;" An Oxymoron?
Topics in Scattering Theory
The Mathematics of PDEs and the Wave Equation
Wave-equation Migration
Overview of Seismic Imaging
Intro to Inverse Problems in Exploration Seismology
Kirchhoff Scattering Inversion
Sequential Robust Design Strategies
Equidistribution and Primes
Cohomology of Quasiperiodic Tilings
Modelling Aperiodic Solids: Concepts and Properties of Tilings and their Physical Interpretation
Coordination Cascades: Sequential Choice in the Presence of a Network Externality
`Oil'igopoly Exploration: Why Smaller Producers Explore More
Endogeneity and Discrete Outcomes
On Long-Run Covariance Matrix Estimation with the Truncated Flat Kernel
Isogeometric Analysis
Atmospheric Convection
Waves and Instabilities in Idealized Model Convective Prametrization
Theory of Equatorially Trapped Waves
On the Pricing of Corporate Debt: the Risk Structure of Interest Rates
The Multiple Scales of El Niño
Dynamic Security Design
Equilibrium structure of a bidimensional asymmetric city
A Variational Model for Urban Planning with Traffic CongestionA Variational Model for Urban Planning with Traffic Congestion
Optimal Security Design and Dynamic Capital Structure in a Continuous-Time Agency Model
Continuous-time Models in Corporate Finance
Safequarding in Optimization Under Uncertainty
Decision Theory in Economics: an overview of where we are and where we're going
Information and Markets (Part I)
Information and Markets (Part II)
Information and Markets (Part III)
Information and Markets (Part IV)
Finding Equilibrium Points (Part I)
Finding Equilibrium Points (Part II)
Variational Inequalities and Economic Equilibrium
Projection Methods for Dynamic Models
Numerical Dynamic Programming
Perturbation Methods
Raising the Floor and Lifting The Ceiling: Math For All
Raising the Floor and Lifting The Ceiling: Math For All (Slides)
2012 IGTC Summit: Prof. Steve Krone (Part I)
2012 IGTC Summit: Prof. Steve Krone (Part II)
24th Canadian Conference on Computational Geometry Proceedings
Timed automata: models, languages, dynamics
Multidimensional Effective Subshifts
Characterizing some limit sets of Cellular Automata
A maximal entropy stochastic process for a timed automaton
Pisot numeration systems and beyond
Markov diagrams for some non-Markovian systems
Markov Random Fields and the Pivot Property
A categorical invariant of flow equivalence of shifts
Entropy of tree automata, joint spectral radii and zero-error coding
µ - Equicontinuity and weak convergence in zero-dimensional spaces
k-block versus 1-block parallel addition in non-standard numeration systems
Characterizing possible typical asymptotic behaviours of cellular automata
Computability in Multidimensional Symbolic Dynamics
Regular Splicing Languages
Contextfreeness in Symbolic Dynamics
Expansion subshifts of Mobius number systems
Conjugacy of Functional Transducers
Auto-similarity in rational base number systems
Shifts of nite type with nearly full entropy
Subshifts of linear complexity and subgroups of finite index of free groups
Local Rules for Computable Planar Tilings
Conjugacy and equivalence of weighted automata
Symbolic covers of toral automorphisms
Entropy minimality of Zd shifts of nite type
Hardness of Conjugacy, Embedding and Factorization in multidimensional SFTs
"Con uence" in Ito-Sadahiro number systems
A characterization of p-automatic sequences as columns of linear cellular automata
Strong shift equivalence of matrices over a ring
PLQ Modeling and Optimization
Variational properties of polynomial root functions and spectral max functions
H2 optimal model order reduction for parametric systems using RBF metamodels
Differential equations for the approximation of the distance to the closest defective matrix
Relaxations for some NP-hard problems based on exact subproblems
Convex Optimization for Finding Influential Nodes in Social Networks
The Higher Order Generalized Singular Value Decomposition
Communication-­ Avoiding Algorithms for Linear Algebra and Beyond
Eigenvalue avoided crossings
On solving indefinite least squares problems via anti-triangular factorizations
Solving linear systems by orthogonal tridiagonalization (GMINRES and/or GLSQR)
Search Games and Optimal Kakeya Sets
Taking Advantage of Degeneracy in Cone Optimization: with Applications to Sensor Network Localization
Splitting of Abelian varieties
The state-of-the-art in hyperelliptic curve cryptography
Explicit isogenies and endomorphisms of low-genus Jacobians: theory and applications
WCATSS Problem Set 1
WCATSS Problem Set 2
WCATSS Problem Set 3
WCATSS Problem Set 4
WCATSS Problem Set 5
Verlinde Algebra
Duality Notes
Financial System Architecture
Over the Counter Markets
Khovanov homology
Intermediary Leverage Cycles and Financial Stability
From Euler to Born and Infeld, Fluids and Electromagnetism
Decision problems, curvature and topology
Introduction to the Farrell-Jones Conjecture
Universal torsion, L^2-invariants, polytopes and the Thurston norm
Disconnecting the G_2 Moduli Space
My Life in "industry"
Finding Your Place at a liberal arts college
Landing a Faculty Position
Local-global principles for quadratic forms
Optimal Strategic Sizing of Energy Storage Facilities in Restructured Electricity Markets
Landing an Industry Position
Living the Good Life at a Liberal Arts College
Landing a Faculty Position