Bisections and Squares in Hyperelliptic Curves

Speaker: Nicolas Theriault

Date: Fri, Jun 10, 2016

Location: PIMS, University of Calgary

Conference: PIMS CRG in Explicit Methods for Abelian Varieties

Subject: Mathematics

Class: Scientific


For elliptic curves, the Mordell-Weil Theorem allows to relate bisections (pre-images of the multiplication by 2) in the group of points of a curve defined over F_q and the quadratic reciprocity of some elements in the field F_q, which can be used to obtain an algorithm to bisect points in E(F_q). For reduced divisors D=[u(x),v(x)] (in Mumford representation) in the Jacobian of imaginary hyperelliptic curves y^2=f(x) (with f(x) squarefree and of odd degree), we show a relation between the existence of F_q-rational bisections and the quadratic character of u(x) when it is evaluated at the roots of the polynomial f(x) (i.e. at the x-coordinates of the Weierstrass points). This characterization allows us to compute all the bisections of a reduced divisor computing a few square roots (2g square roots if f(x) has 2g+1 roots in F_q) and solving a small system of linear equations.For hyperelliptic curves of genus 2, we obtain an equivalent characterization for curves with a real model (with f(x) squarefree of degree 6) when working with balanced divisors.