Coincidences between homological densities, predicted by arithmetic - 2 of 2

Benson Farb
Thu, Jun 13, 2019
PIMS, University of British Columbia
Workshop on Arithmetic Topology
In this talk I'll describe some remarkable coincidences in topology that were found only by applying Weil's (number field)/(f unction field) analogy to some classical density theorems in analytic number theory, and then computing directly. Unlike the finite field case, here we have only analogy; the mechanism behind the coincidences remains a mystery. As a teaser: it seems that under this analogy the (inverse of the) Riemann zeta function at (n+1) corresponds to the 2-fold loop space of P^n. This is joint work with Jesse Wolfson and Melanie Wood.


This is the second lecture in a two part series: part 1