Managing Patients with Chronic Conditions

Speaker: Mariel Lavieri

Date: Thu, Feb 23, 2017

Location: University of Calgary, Downtown Campus

Conference: Lunchbox Lecture Series

Subject: Mathematics, Medical Applications and Epidemiology, Applied Mathematics

Class: Scientific


Chronic disease management often involves sequential decisions that have long-term implications. Those decisions are based on high dimensional information, which pose a problem for traditional modeling paradigms. In some key instances, the disease dynamics might not be known, but instead are learned as new information becomes available. As a first step, we will describe some of the ongoing research modeling medical decisions of patients with chronic conditions. Key to the models developed is the incorporation of the individual patient's disease dynamics into the parameterization of the models of the disease state evolution. Model conception and validation is described, as well as the role of multidisciplinary collaborations in ensuring practical impact of this work.