Title Date Speaker
Combined modeling and experimental study of... Sep 7, 2022 Mark Alber
Traveling pulses with oscillatory tails,... May 12, 2021 Yasumasa Nishiura
A brief overview of methods and results for... May 11, 2021 Justin Tzou
Extreme first passage times (Video) May 11, 2021 Sean Lawley
Stable spikes for a reaction-diffusion system... May 11, 2021 Matthias Winter
Modelling collective cell movement in... May 11, 2021 Philip Maini
Information and Markets (Part IV) (Notes) Jul 1, 2011 William Zame
A Variational Model for Urban Planning with... Jul 11, 2006 Guillaume Carlier, Filippo Santambrogio
Equilibrium structure of a bidimensional... Jul 11, 2006 Guillaume Carlier, Ivar Ekeland
Optimal Security Design and Dynamic Capital... Jul 1, 2006 Peter DeMarzo, Yuliy Sannikov