Mathematical Cell Biology Summer Course

This graduate course, taught May 1-31, 2012, was partially sponsored by the PIMS
International Graduate Training Center (IGTC) in Math-Biology, and by independent
funding held by Leah Keshet. Large parts of this course are available online at the
course Home Page,
where relevant biological topics and mathematical background needed to understand
current research in mathematical cell biology were taught. Some background in
(undergraduate) differential equations (ODEs, PDEs) is assumed. This course was
taught for credit at UBC (Math 563) or at the affiliated western universities under
the Western Dean's agreement. Lectures were held at the UBC campus of the Pacific
Institute for the Mathematical Sciences (PIMS), and were available via live links
online. This archive preserves most of the lectures in video format.

Special Seminars

A number of special seminars were scheduled to coincide with the course.

Tentative Schedule

The actual schedule may be amended slightly.