PIMS-FACTS Workshop on Forecasting and Mathematical modeling for Renewable Energy

Title Date Speaker
The Canadian regional climate model (Video) Jul 28, 2023 Carsten Abraham
Operational Numerical Weather Prediction (... Jul 28, 2023 Roland Stull
Simulating Long-Distance Wind Farm Wake... Jul 28, 2023 Mike Optis
Turbulence, wakes and wind farm control (... Jul 28, 2023 Dennice Gayme
PIMS/FACTS Panel: Tackling Climate Change... Jul 27, 2023 Réne Aïd, Gaël Giraud, Seth Klein, Judith Sayers, Andrew Weaver
Privilege, agency, and the climate scientist... Jul 27, 2023 Andrew Weaver
First Nation Leadership in Clean Energy and... Jul 27, 2023 Judith Sayers
Mobilizing Canada for the Climate Emergency... Jul 27, 2023 Seth Klein
Macroeconomics and Climate (Video) Jul 27, 2023 Gaël Giraud
More electricity demand response for less... Jul 27, 2023 René Aïd
Equilibrium price in intraday electricity... Jul 27, 2023 Huyên Pham
A Principal-Agent model for optimal... Jul 27, 2023 René Aïd
Renewable Energy Supply, Electricity Storage... Jul 26, 2023 Werner Antweiler
Short-term wind forecasting using spatio-... Jul 26, 2023 Tianxia (Tylar) Jia
Offshore wind forecasting and operations for... Jul 26, 2023 Aziz Ezzat Ahmed
A Tribute to Bill Aiello (Video) Jul 26, 2023 Brian Marcus
The role of wind speed variability in very... Jul 26, 2023 Nina Effenberger
Multivariate forecasting in energy systems... Jul 26, 2023 Jethro Browell
A Concise Overview on State-of-the-Art Solar... Jul 26, 2023 to Jul 27, 2023 Jan Kleissl