Title Date Speaker
Point Process Methods for Crime Hotspots (... Nov 2, 2012 George Mohler
Crime hot-spots with or without Levi Flights... Sep 21, 2012 Theodore Kolokolnikov
Security and Game Theory: Key Algorithmic... Sep 20, 2012 Milind Tambe
Predicting Criminal Incidents Using... Sep 20, 2012 Donald E. Brown
Population dynamics and cellular automata... Sep 20, 2012 M. Primicerio
Quasilinear systems and residential burglary... Sep 20, 2012 Raul Manasevich
The Shape of Data (Video) Sep 19, 2012 Gunnar Carlsson
The Causes of Crime and the Practical Limits... Sep 19, 2012 Jeff Brantingham
Mathematics of Crime (Video) Sep 19, 2012 Andrea L. Bertozzi
The Stability of Steady-State Hot-Spot... Sep 19, 2012 Michael Ward