Title Date Speaker
Sources, sinks, and sea lice: determining... Mar 15, 2023 Peter Harrington, UBC
The Bootstrap Learning Algorithm (Video) Mar 15, 2023 Jyoti Bhadana, University of Alberta
Orienteering on Supersingular Isogeny... Mar 13, 2023 Renate Scheidler, UCalgary
Ratner/Masur equidistribution by orbit... Mar 9, 2023 Jon Chaika
Kantorovich operators and their ergodic... Mar 9, 2023 Nassif Ghoussoub
Euler's divergent series and primes in... Mar 8, 2023 Anne-Maria Ernvall-Hytönen
Central Limit Theorems in Analytic Number... Mar 8, 2023 Fatma Çiçek, University of Northern British Columbia
Localized Patterns in Population Models with... Mar 1, 2023 Fanze Kong
A new explicit bound for the Riemann zeta... Mar 1, 2023 Ghaith Hiary
L-Functions of Elliptic Curves Modulo... Mar 1, 2023 Félix Baril Boudreau, University of Lethbridge