Title Date Speaker
Sign changes of the error term in the Piltz... Sep 25, 2023 Cruz Castillo
Understanding arithmetic and geometry... Sep 21, 2023 Ravi Vakil
Turing Patterns on Growing Domains (Video) Sep 20, 2023 Irving Epstein
Vertex-transitive graphs with large... Sep 19, 2023 Gabriel Verret
Existence, Stability and Slow Dynamics of... Sep 13, 2023 Fanze Kong
The Canadian regional climate model (Video) Jul 28, 2023 Carsten Abraham
Operational Numerical Weather Prediction (... Jul 28, 2023 Roland Stull
Simulating Long-Distance Wind Farm Wake... Jul 28, 2023 Mike Optis
Turbulence, wakes and wind farm control (... Jul 28, 2023 Dennice Gayme
PIMS/FACTS Panel: Tackling Climate Change... Jul 27, 2023 Réne Aïd, Gaël Giraud, Seth Klein, Judith Sayers, Andrew Weaver