Title Date Speaker
Introduction to unbalanced optimal transport... May 23, 2024 Laetitia Chapel
Bounds on the Number of Solutions to Thue... Apr 10, 2024 Greg Knapp
Density functional theory and multi-marginal... Apr 4, 2024 Yair Shenfeld
Zeros of linear combinations of Dirichlet L-... Mar 25, 2024 Jérémy Dousselin
Pro-p Iwahori Invariants (Video) Mar 21, 2024 Emanuele Bodon
The fourth moment of quadratic Dirichlet L-... Mar 18, 2024 to Apr 18, 2024 Quanli Shen
Analogues of the Hilbert Irreducibility... Mar 14, 2024 Simone Coccia
On extremal orthogonal arrays (Video) Mar 13, 2024 Sho Suda
Primes in arithmetic progressions to smooth... Mar 4, 2024 Julia Stadlmann
The Distribution of Logarithmic Derivatives... Feb 29, 2024 Félix Baril Boudreau