CAIMS - PIMS Coronavirus Modelling Conference

Title Date Speaker
Mathematical model, analysis and simulations... Jun 24, 2020 Meir Shillor
Scenario tree and adaptive decision making... Jun 24, 2020 MIchael Chen, Kyeongah Nah
Law of mass action and saturation in SIR... Jun 24, 2020 Theodore Kolokolnikov
CAIMS - PIMS Coronavirus Modelling... Jun 24, 2020 Penelope Morel, Adrianne Jenner, Jane Heffernan, Wei Dai, Rohit Rao
A Quantitative Systems Pharmacology Model of... Jun 24, 2020 Wei Dai, Rohit Rao
Models for immune system interaction and... Jun 24, 2020 Jane Heffernan
Modelling the systemic and tissue-level... Jun 24, 2020 Adrianne Jenner
The immune response to SARS-CoV-2: Friend or... Jun 24, 2020 Penelope Morel
Calibration of time varying contact... Jun 23, 2020 Mark Lowerison
Modelling future biomedical interventions in... Jun 23, 2020 Simon de Montigny
A branching process with contact tracing (... Jun 23, 2020 Martin Barlow
Modelling the impact of asymptomatic... Jun 23, 2020 Cedric Chauve
A SEIR-like model with a time-dependent... Jun 23, 2020 Ronald Dickman
Localized outbreaks in S-I-R model with... Jun 23, 2020 Chunyi Gai
Modelling evolutionary epidemiology of COVID... Jun 23, 2020 Sally Otto
In-host Modelling of COVID-19 in Humans (... Jun 23, 2020 Esteban Abelardo Hernandez Vargas
Mechanistic modeling of the SARS-CoV-2 and... Jun 23, 2020 Mohit Kumar Jolly
Flattening the curve and the effect of... Jun 22, 2020 Mario Santana-Cibrian
Implementation of quarantine measures... Jun 22, 2020 Mayra Núñez López
The timing and nature of behavioral... Jun 22, 2020 Rebecca Tyson
Modeling intervention strategies for... Jun 22, 2020 Ilyssa Summer
Not all interventions are equal for the... Jun 22, 2020 Joost Jorritsma
A simple criterion to design optimal... Jun 22, 2020 Marco Tulio Angulo
Impacts on community transmission and... Jun 22, 2020 Jody Reimer
Spatiotemporal Transmission Dynamics of... Jun 22, 2020 Ashok Krishnamurthy
Fast spread of SARS-CoV-2 in China, Europe... Jun 22, 2020 Ruian Ke
Characterizing the spread of COVID-19 in... Jun 22, 2020 Dean Karlen