Kantorovich Initiative Seminar

Title Date Speaker
OT techniques in data driven methodology:... Apr 28, 2022 Jan Obloj
Wasserstein gradient flows for machine... Mar 17, 2022 Anna Korba
Optimal transport theory in incomplete... Feb 24, 2022 Marc Henry
A survey on weak optimal transport (Video) Jan 27, 2022 Nathael Gozlan
Estimating transport distances via Stein... Dec 2, 2021 Max Fathi
Conditional Sampling with Block-Triangular... Oct 21, 2021 Bamdad Hosseini
Finite sample rates for optimal transport... Sep 30, 2021 Jan-Christian Hütter
Remarks on multi-marginals entropic optimal... May 6, 2021 Guillaume Carlier
Searching for the most likely evolution (... Mar 25, 2021 Giovanni Conforti
Stochastic Optimal Transport, Control Theory... Feb 25, 2021 Aaron Palmer