Title Date Speaker
Linearised Optimal Transport Distances (... May 4, 2023 Matthew Thorpe
Multivariate Symmetry: Distribution-Free... Apr 13, 2023 Bodhisattva Sen
Opinion Dynamics and Spreading Processes on... Mar 29, 2023 Mason Porter
Free boundary regularity for the obstacle... Mar 23, 2023 Alessio Figalli
Exceptional Chebyshev's bias over... Mar 22, 2023 Alexandre Bailleul
Kantorovich operators and their ergodic... Mar 9, 2023 Nassif Ghoussoub
Euler's divergent series and primes in... Mar 8, 2023 Anne-Maria Ernvall-Hytönen
Localized Patterns in Population Models with... Mar 1, 2023 Fanze Kong
A new explicit bound for the Riemann zeta... Mar 1, 2023 Ghaith Hiary
Adversarial training through the lens of... Feb 23, 2023 Nicolas Garcia Trillos