Title Date Speaker
The Distribution of Logarithmic Derivatives... Feb 29, 2024 Félix Baril Boudreau
L-functions in Analytic Number Theory: Biitu... Feb 26, 2024 Bittu
Hilbert Class Fields and Embedding Problems... Feb 14, 2024 Abbas Maarefparvar
Consecutive sums of two squares in... Feb 9, 2024 Vivian Kuperberg
A Conjecture of Mazur predicting the growth... Feb 8, 2024 Debanjana Kundu
Gromov-Wasserstein Alignment: Statistical... Feb 8, 2024 Ziv Goldfeld
Moments of higher derivatives related to... Feb 7, 2024 Samprit Ghosh
Collision of orbits under the action of a... Feb 1, 2024 Dragos Ghioca
A discrete mean value of the Riemann zeta... Jan 31, 2024 Ertan Elma
Fourier optimization and the least quadratic... Jan 29, 2024 Emily Quesada-Herrera