Title Date Speaker
Mean values of long Dirichlet polynomials (... Jan 22, 2024 Winston Heap
Explicit bounds for $\zeta$ and a new zero... Jan 16, 2024 Chiara Bellotti
Examples of well-behaved Beurling number... Dec 7, 2023 Frederik Broucke
Mixing times and representation theory. (... Dec 6, 2023 Lucas Teyssier, UBC
Möbius function, an identity factory with... Dec 4, 2023 Sebastian Zuniga Alterman
Local to global principle for higher moments... Nov 30, 2023 Severin Schraven
Unbalanced Optimal Transport: Convex... Nov 30, 2023 Giuseppe Savare
Self-organization and pattern selection in... Nov 29, 2023 Arnd Scheel
Spaces of geodesic triangulations of... Nov 29, 2023 Yanwen Luo, SFU
Sofic groups are surjunctive (Video) Nov 27, 2023 Keivan Mallahi-Karai, Constructor University