Title Date Speaker
On the Hardy Littlewood 3-tuple prime... Oct 30, 2023 Shivani Goel
On Arnoux's coding of the geodesic flow... Oct 25, 2023 Thomas A. Schmidt, Oregon State University
On the eigenvalues of the graphs D(5,q) (... Oct 25, 2023 Himanshu Gupta, URegina
Topology and Azumaya algebras (Video) Oct 20, 2023 Ben Williams, UBC
On sums of coefficients of polynomials... Oct 19, 2023 Venkata Raghu Tej Pantangi
Surface sums and Yang-Mills gauge theory (... Oct 19, 2023 Scott Sheffield, MIT
A journey in the use of mathematical models... Oct 18, 2023 Nancy Rodriguez
A Weyl-type inequality for irreducible... Oct 17, 2023 Zenchao Ge
Conditional estimates for logarithms and... Oct 16, 2023 Neea Palojärvi
Basic reductions of abelian varieties (Video) Oct 12, 2023 Wanlin Li